The ELDT can support lecturers in evaluating their use of technology in modules and learning activities. The guidance above provides suggested approaches, but we would be keen to work with you in any of the following:

  • Reviewing course evaluations to inform your future practice
  • Creating a case study of your practice to share with the wider community
  • Departmental evaluations and strategy
  • Writing research papers and conference presentations that have a technology-enhanced learning component

Our research

There are 4 key areas of our work:

  1. Course evaluation & case study development
  2. Conference presentations & research papers
  3. Evaluation work on HE sector developments
  4. Institutional surveys & reports

Course evaluation & case study development

Representation of persons that look like chess pawns. One person is holding a clipboard and surrounded by other persons in a focus group.The E-Learning Development Team assists course instructors in the evaluation of blended and distance learning modules, through the development of detailed case studies and reports.

Conference presentations, research papers, recorded lectures and publications

Representations of people that look like chess pawns watching a slide presentation. The E-learning Development Team has presented papers at various e-learning conferences and has also published on approaches to the implementation of technology-enhanced learning.

Evaluation work on HE sector developments (UCISA)

Representation of a person that looks like a chess pawn in front of the letters H.E. and F.E.The team also contributes to the work of UCISA’s Academic Support Group in researching HE sector developments on technology-enhanced learning.

Institutional surveys & reports

Representation of a person that looks like a chess pawn surrounded by piles of documents.The Team also focuses on institutional evaluation, publishing survey results & reports on e-learning activities.