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Arts and Humanities


Lights, Camera, Heritage! – Sara Perry, 2013
Short case study: discussion and debate to encourage critical evaluation – 2008

English and Related Literature:

Supporting student development with public blogging – Emily Bowles, 2016
Sharing images and supporting student collaboration – Amy Burge, 2011
Using the blog tool for procedural tasks and feedback – Jane Elliot, 2009


Online support for dissertations – Mark Roodhouse, 2012

Language and Linguistic Science

Students in the feedback loop – Cathy Dantec, 2013
Assessment activity in the VLE – 2008

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Using Responseware to maximise the value of contact time – Emma Rand, 2018
Engaging Big Cohorts in Large Learning Spaces with ResponseWare – Emma Rand, 2018
Facilitating peer-led group research through virtual collaboration spaces – Setareh Chong, James Chong, Richard Walker, 2018
Student engagement and communication through discussion forums – Mark Coles, 2011
Baseline VLE use to support independent study – 2008
Short case study: discussion and debate to encourage critical evaluation – 2008
Short case study: collaborative study using VLE tools – 2008
Short case study: discussion forums for group work – 2008
Course and contribution statistics – 2008


Using social media to augment teaching – Glenn Hurst, 2018
Ensuring essential prior knowledge for lab work – Nigel Lowe, 2014

Computer Science

Flipped classroom: Mastery model for computer programming – Louis Rose, 2016

Electronic Engineering

From WordPress womble to WordPress winner – Jude Brereton, 2018
Blogs and videos for group work – Noel Jackson, 2018


Collaborate – from pedagogy to practice – Fiona Dickson, 2018
Virtual Fieldwork: any time, any place learning – Katherine Selby, Simon Davis, 2014
Short case study: interaction with content – 2008
Course and contribution statistics – 2008

Health Science

Bringing professional expertise into the virtual classroom – John Blase, 2017
Using questionnaires and surveys – 2012
Short case study: using an integrated study model – 2008
Short case study: discussion and debate to encourage critical evaluation – 2008


Worked examples to support core skills – Martin Smalley, 2014
Making good use of the things that we find – Ben Dudson, 2014


Support ‘time on task’ and deeper learning – Shirley-Ann Rueschemeyer, 2014
Follow up interview with Shirley-Ann Rueschemeyer, 2017
Audio feedback for creative group work – Rob Stone, 2011

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Social Sciences

Centre for English Language Teaching

Crowd-Sourcing Responses using MentiMeter – Victora Jack, 2018


Voting tools – engaging students in seminars and lectures – Mathilde Peron, 2018
Extend the lecture with Personal Capture – Jacco Thijssen, 2016


Facilitating “hybrid” workshops via webinar – Zoe Handley, 2018
Screencast commentary for formative feedback – Bill Soden, 2016
VLE exam – Zoe Handley, 2015
Using blogs for student reflection, content generation and just-in-time feedback – Graham Low, 2014


Blended Problem Based Learning – John Bennett, 2014


Supporting module choices through the VLE – 2012


Bringing Peace to Yorkania – Audra Mitchell, Sydney Calkin, 2014

Social Policy and Social Work

Module evaluation with online tools -Dominic Ennis, 2017


Collaborative data-driven activities – 2014
Short case study: collaborative study using VLE tools – 2008

The York Management School

Alternatives to lecture capture: Developing curated ‘micro’ video lectures – Harry Venables, 2018
Group work, e-marking and feedback – Alex Gillett, 2018
Google tools for group work – Alex Gillett, 2016

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