Rob Shaw

Educational Adviser

Faculty contact for Arts and Humanities

I provide advice and support to academic departments on programme design and the effective integration of learning technologies within degree programmes.

I can provide departmental contacts such as Chairs of Boards of Studies, Chairs of Teaching Committees, VLE coordinators, and programme and module leaders with practical and pedagogically-informed guidance to support student learning within modules and across programmes.

Drawing on expertise from across the wider team within the Academic Support Office (ASO), I can offer input on learning and teaching approaches including:

  • Vertical and horizontal integration of learning and assessment within programme design
  • Formative and summative assessment and the development of student assessment and feedback literacy
  • Active and experiential learning approaches such as problem, case and scenario-based learning
  • Collaborative approaches to learning and assessment
  • Self-directed learning and opportunities for personalised reflective learning;

And I can provide guidance on the contribution that learning technologies can make to operationalising approaches such as these by changing the ways that students engage with academic staff, resources and peers. I can support you with planning, implementation, evaluation and development of the uses of learning technologies within programmes through practical and contextualised training and support on the use of content, communication and assessment tools within the VLE along with related tools such as in-class polling and screen recording/lecture capture.