Mentimeter: University licence now available

We are pleased to announce that the Mentimeter institutional licence is now available for staff who would like to use it for interactive polling, questioning and voting within and between teaching sessions.  You can use it to display a range of question types to your students, allow them to respond using any internet-enabled device, and access or share these responses. You can now create an unlimited Mentimeter account and log in using your University of York log in details via Single-sign on (SSO).  The account offers unlimited presentations, slides and questions subject to the acceptable use policy.

This blog post provides some important information on how to get started with your institutional Mentimeter account.  If you have never used Mentimeter before, you can skip straight to ‘Creating your account’ below.  However, if you are one of the approximately 900 University of York users with an existing Mentimeter account, please read the information for existing users below first to make sure that your existing Mentimeter presentations will be available to you in your University account. This information applies to those with a free Mentimeter account rather than a basic or pro subscription.

Existing users

If your existing account was created using your full University of York email address ( for staff and for students), you can proceed to ‘Creating your account’ below.  Your existing account will automatically be linked to your new institutional account once you have set it up and logged on and any existing presentations will be waiting for you when you arrive in your new account. 

If your account was set up using any other email address and you would like to be able to transfer your existing presentations into your University of York account, you will need to change the account email address first.  This applies to accounts created with personal email addresses or staff accounts created with email addresses in the format or email address. You will need to do this before you log on to your institutional account for the first time. Accounts cannot be automatically linked afterwards. 

If you are not sure, you can check your existing account details by selecting the ‘Open profile’ button. 

This will display the email address associated with your account.  If you need to change it, you can do so from ‘Account settings’ and ‘Email’.  Type your full University of York email address and enter your password before selecting the ‘Change email’ button to confirm (If you used ‘log in with google to create your account, you will need to change your password first before doing this – Mentimeter how to: Change your email address | Mentimeter how to: Change your password).

Once you have done this, log out of the account and proceed to ‘creating your account’ below.  Your old account will be merged into your new one.  Any existing presentations will be waiting for you when you arrive in your new account but you will no longer be able to access it with your old email address.

Creating your account

To create your institutional account, select the following University of York Joining link.

This will take you to the University single-sign on page to allow you to log on.

Please note that Duo authentication is required to use Mentimeter.

If you need further information please see the University Duo authentication pages.

The first time you log in you will be sent a ‘Confirm SSO for your Mentimeter account’ email containing a link to follow to activate your account.  Please note that if you changed your email address to merge an existing account, you may need to check your old email address for a confirmation email also.

Accessing your account

After you have logged on for the first time, you can log in to your institutional account in future by following the same link above or by navigating to the Mentimeter home page and selecting ‘Log-in’.

Then choose ‘log in with SSO’ (After you have logged on via SSO for the first time, you will no longer be able to log in with Google or with your email address and password).

This will take you to the single sign on’ page.  Add ‘University of York’ in the ‘company name’.

This will take you to the University single-sign on page to allow you to log on (Duo authentication required).

Getting started

In terms of ‘how tos’, Mentimeter’s own help pages are very comprehensive and well categorised, and individual guides contain step-by step instructions with screenshots and/or video walkthroughs. Key steps in using Mentimeter with links to guides and any York-specific elements are as follows:


Video tutorial: Create your first Mentimeter presentation (you tube 1 min 51 secs) | The Mentimeter dashboard | Using folders

Creating questions:

Students select from options presented to them: Multiple choice questions and rating scales.

Students add text-based responses: Word cloud and open-ended questions.

Students can anonymously share questions with you at any time during a presentation: Q&A.

Other question types: Quiz competition (introduce a competitive element); 2 x 2 grid (rating scales along two separate axes to show relationships between selections); Quick form (Create a survey with responses not displayed on screen but for download afterwards as an excel file – Please be aware of the acceptable use terms use and the need not to collect personal data); Pin on an image (students can add a pin on a map or label an image).

If you would like to use a University of York theme for your Mentimeter slides you can do so by selecting ‘Themes’ at the top of the presentation editing interface.

Then select one of the two University of York themes. ‘Light’ has a white background with dark text and graphical elements. ‘Dark’ has a grey background with light text and graphical elements. Both have been designed for high contrast whilst incorporating the University logo and colour schemes.

Deploying your questions

How to share your Mentimeter presentation during a session so that students can take part.

Please note that although Mentimeter makes a Powerpoint plug in available to allow it to be used from within a PowerPoint presentation, this is not supported at the University due to various technical issues. Instead, staff can switch between PowerPoint and an internet browser to show the Mentimeter poll and results:

How to display or link to the live results of your presentation.

You can also change your Mentimeter presentation settings to allow students to respond to questions in their own time and at their own pace. This is useful if you would like to embed a presentation in the VLE for use between sessions or if you would like to allow students to work through questions at their own pace rather than in lockstep during a live session.

Mentimeter at York

We are aware that many staff have made effective use of Mentimeter in recent times with examples related to:

  • Diagnostics: Finding out where students are at or what they already know at the beginning of a session, or adapting teaching during a session in response to their needs.
  • Community building and inclusive learning: Providing opportunities for ‘getting to know you’ activities or to address social / affective aspects of learning.
  • Promoting active learning and discussion: Using polls as a trigger for comparison/discussion, e.g. through peer-instruction techniques.
  • Stimulating reflection and feedback: Polls to engage students with questions about their own learning and action planning.

We are keen to highlight and share effective practices with polling tools for learning and teaching. We plan to organise a webinar in the Autumn term 2021 to introduce resources, share experiences and talk about plans and how you can get involved. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us at


Please note that the Turning Technologies ResponseWare service will shortly be retired, with our institutional licence expiring on 4th October 2021. If you have existing PowerPoint presentations with embedded ResponseWare questions, these will need to be re-created in Mentimeter to be able to continue using the University-supported service. Mentimeter is not integrated with PowerPoint so deployment will then involve switching between the PowerPoint presentation and the browser at points where there were embedded questions. If there are specific question types or polls that you need help with in terms of conversion to Mentimeter, please feel free to get in touch and we will do what we can to help. 

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