Collaborate Updates: Using Yorkshare VLE Groups as BreakOut Groups, Recording Captioning Pilot and Maintenance Windows

A few updates around Collaborate Ultra:

New Feature: Use Yorkshare VLE Groups as BreakOut Groups in Collaborate

Since mid-September 2021, you can now use groups from your Yorkshare VLE site as BreakOut Groups in Collaborate! This means you can pre-build groups (rather than creating them on-the-fly in a live session), and re-use them between multiple Collaborate sessions more easily.

Learn more about the new Yorkshare VLE and Collaborate Ultra group linking functionality here.

Feedback Request: Recording Auto-Captioning Pilot

Back in July we shared with you that the University of York was taking part in a Blackboard pilot to enable auto-captioning of Collaborate Recordings. This pilot is now ending. Did you utilise this pilot functionality? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

  1. How accurate were the automatic captions generated?
  2. Did the captions feel more or less accurate than Panopto’s auto-captioning tool?
  3. What types of words did the captioning struggle with, if any eg. scientific or other specialist parlance?
  4. What worked well, what didn’t?
  5. … And anything else you’d like to share.

Please email your feedback to for the attention of Amy Eyre. Thank you in advance!

Reminder: Collaborate Maintenance Windows

Collaborate is usually updated by Blackboard once a month, resulting in a short period when the tool is not available to use. These periods tend to be overnight between Wednesday and Thursday (UK time) in the second week of the month, but they can vary.

Keep up to date on when the next Collaborate outage period will be by visiting our System Availability Page.

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