Measuring Student Virtual Engagement in Collaborate Webinars and the Yorkshare VLE

Measuring student engagement is key when evaluating the effectiveness of your teaching methods and materials.

We have talked before about what tools are available across our supported toolset to help understand how and when your students are engaging with you virtually (see links at the bottom of this page), but now there is an opportunity to have your own say and make suggestions of what engagement measuring tools you would like to see implemented in both the Yorkshare VLE and/or Collaborate Ultra webinars.

Blackboard (the company behind both the VLE’s platform [aka “Learn”] and Collaborate) have created an anonymous, 15 minute survey for academics to share their thoughts around measuring engagement in the VLE, Collaborate and between the two.

What works well, what doesn’t, and what would you prefer?

Whilst there are many webinar platforms available out there (Collaborate, Zoom, Google Meet and many more) Blackboard aim to make Collaborate more education-specific than its competitors. Completing surveys such as this one can help inform Blackboard as they continually develop Collaborate, to help make it as useful as possible in virtual teaching and learning scenarios.

Survey Link

Previous PDLT Guidance Related to Student Engagement

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