Auto-Caption Collaborate Recordings – Pilot July-Sept 2021

We have previously shared information around captioning and Collaborate (links below), but now Blackboard are running a pilot for a new auto-captioning service on Collaborate recordings. This new auto-captioning functionality will not be available for use during live sessions, only on recordings.

The pilot will run from July 16th to September 15th 2021.

A similar pilot for auto-captioning live sessions may be run in the future, but is not Blackboard’s focus at this time.

This current pilot leverages AI-powered speech-to-text recognition to generate a transcription of what is said during your session. While automated captioning can’t match the accuracy of captions created by humans, it should at least help generate the bulk of your captioning content without you having to start from scratch.

Decorative - contents described in guide linked to article

Guidance on Using Pilot Features

Existing Collaborate Captioning Guidance

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