The Collaborate Ultra Video Gallery Is Here!

A mock up screenshot of Collaborate demostrating the video grid, where (in this example) 20 live video streams are arranged in a 5 by 4 grid.
Image used courtesy of

The Video Gallery is Blackboard’s answer to having multiple video streams on screen at once during a Collaborate session. Previously, only up to four camera streams could appear on screen during a session; the new Video Gallery feature allows up to 25 a page, with options to switch between pages whilst keeping the current speaker visible on all pages in the top left corner.

Blackboard released the base Video Gallery view on April 8th 2021, and plan to add further functionality (such as camera pinning and side by side sharing with content) in later releases during 2021 and beyond.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind staff that whilst use of the Video Gallery will bring many new and interesting opportunities for sessions, compulsory camera usage with students (or any other attendee group) is not generally advised.

Overview Video:

This section contains an embedded YouTube video, use this link to open this video directly in YouTube.

Learn More:

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