Texthelp tools

The University has installed Texthelp tools to make it easier to read, write and listen to text and maths.

Read&Write and EquatIO logos


Read&Write is a discreet toolbar that integrates seamlessly with the computer applications you already use to study, like web browsers and Microsoft or Google applications. You can use the toolbar as you carry out research across the web, organising content as you go. Have text read out to you, save text as audio, colour mask your screen or highlight and collate key information. Many more features, including a PDF reader, are available to explore in our learner’s guide to Texthelp tools

Read&Write settings shows Screen Masking options.
One of the functions of Read&Write is screen masking. View Rowan’s favourite Read&Write features in this 5 min video. (UoY login required)

It helps you to pick up mistakes really easily and just makes it much easier to check your spelling, check your grammar, check your style, check your sentence length. The screen masking tool highlight lines that I’m reading; this is particularly useful at night when I might be a little bit more tired and need a little more help to pick out my lines. – Rowan


But wait! What about reading, writing and listening to maths? EquatIO is the answer! Simply type, handwrite or dictate any expression, and EquatIO will convert it into accurate, digital maths and formulas which can be added to a Microsoft Word document or G Suite apps with a click. You can also screenshot maths* to hear it read out to you. Together with its scientific calculator, molecular viewer and periodic table, EquatIO has the tools to support maths in every discipline and STEM subjects as well. View the information in our learner’s guide to Texthelp tools to find out more.

A PDF is open in a browser. The Equatio toolbar is open with the screenshot reader selected.
One of the functions of EquatIO is the screenshot tool to listen or copy maths. View Joe’s explanation from 1:38 in his top tips video. [UoY login required]

Read&Write and EquatIO are installed on all IT Services managed PCs. To find out how you can install the Chrome extensions or a copy of the software on your own computer, go to IT Services A-Z software to search for Texthelp.

Other useful tools

Other things you may find helpful include: 

Don’t forget to consult our Disabilities Team if you feel you need further help and support.

*For blind users on the web, “if EquatIO identifies math on the page, the user can reverse tab to find that identified math and then tab through the EquatIO tools to have it read aloud.” Texthelp

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