Re-designing Lecture Delivery During COVID-19 – Another New Paper from the Department of Chemistry

Dr. Julia Sarju, a lecturer from the Department of Chemistry, has authored a paper for the American Chemical Society and Division of Chemical Education on her experiences of reframing her teaching for fully online delivery. The full paper can be read here.

Dr. Sarju outlines several of the approaches she undertook, these included:

  • paying heed to cognitive load and learner flexibility, by breaking up lectures into short videos or alternative mediums which focused on key concepts or learning points;
  • deploying video as a means to personalise delivery, and introduce new sequences of learning;
  • interleaving key concept videos with tasks – such as multiple choice questions, and discussion board activities;
  • replicating some of the interactive aspects of the live lecture by replacing polling conducted via an electronic voting system, with embedded Panopto quizzes within videos.

Please review our ‘Preparing for Dual Delivery’ VLE site (University of York login required) for additional information on how to structure and organise your lecture replacements. Also, see our PDLT Webinars VLE Site (University of York login required) for resources on authoring lecture replacements, and authoring videos.  Specifically, content relating to this post can be found in Webinar 3 (From Passive to Active Learning: Delivering Content) & Webinar 8 (‘Hands-on’ Panopto). To learn more about these areas, take a look at the linked materials below or contact us.

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