Online Student Group Work During COVID-19 – New Paper from the Department of Chemistry

Dr Glenn Hurst in the Department of Chemistry has recently published a paper in the Journal of Chemical Education as part of the special issue on ‘Insights gained while teaching chemistry in the time of COVID-19’. The manuscript reports on his experience in transforming the ‘Group Exercises’, a distinctive group working activity with associated formative and summative assessment completed by approximately 170 undergraduate chemistry students each year, online due to COVID-19. The paper offers an insight into the challenges faced but also unanticipated benefits from online facilitation.

You can read Glenn’s “Online Group Work with a Large Cohort: Challenges and New Benefits” paper online [] and follow him on Twitter.

Glenn’s paper refers to the use of various types of learning technology and group work tasks. To learn more about these areas, take a look at the linked materials below or contact us.

Related Guidance

COVID-Specific Guidance

Technical Guidance

Student Guidance

Other Guidance

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