Troubleshooting Tips for Collaborate Ultra

To compliment our existing Collaborate Troubleshooting Guides, here are some quick tips to help you get up and going with Collaborate Ultra

Six key steps

These six steps will resolve/identify most problems:

  1. Make sure you’re using a recent version of a supported browser*
  2. (If using Chrome) make sure you’ve allowed third party cookies
  3. Leave the Collaborate session and re-enter it
  4. Check there aren’t current issues with the Collaborate Service**
  5. Close things you aren’t using (other programs, other browser tabs)
  6. Restart your whole computer.

*For the best experience, please ensure you are using:

  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if on a Windows/Mac computer
  • Google Chrome if on an Android mobile/tablet
  • Safari if on an Apple mobile/tablet.

Learn more about supported browsers here []. You can download Chrome here, or download Firefox here.

**Collaborate (just like Zoom, Google Meet and many other webinar tools) is a ‘cloud’ tool, which means that it runs on computers that don’t belong to the University. We rely on Blackboard (the company that makes Collaborate) to fix them on our behalf. Blackboard report when there are issues with the service on their webpage. You can visit the page and look at the “Europe, Middle East & Africa > Collaborate Ultra – AWS (EU)” entry to see if there are current issues, or look at our Twitter feed. Most issues with the service are resolved in around 5-10 minutes.

I can’t connect/it won’t load/I keep getting kicked out!

Make sure you’ve tried the steps in “Five Key Steps” section above, then try/check:

Note: Access from China – We cannot guarantee that access from China will not be problematic due to the Great Firewall of China. Learn more about access from China here

I can’t hear other people and/or see cameras (or they can’t see/hear me)

Make sure you’ve tried the steps in “Five Key Steps” section above, then try:

Anything else

For issues that aren’t resolved by the above:

Note: It is possible to report issues to Blackboard from directly within Collaborate, but this is a one way report only. It sends data to Blackboard about the issue, but you not get a response either in the session or later. You can raise a ticket directly with Blackboard which will be responded to, but this is done elsewhere and you will need to share your “session info” with them to help them identify it. “Session Info” can be found within the Collaborate room itself, by clicking the black menu icon in the top left, selecting “Report an Issue” and copying out the information in the “Auto-generated report that will be sent with your description” field.


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