Preparing for Dual Delivery 20/21 – New Key Resource for UoY Staff on the VLE

We have created a new VLE site which aims to support departments with their planning and preparation for teaching as we move towards the next academic year (2020-2021). This will be achieved by modelling and explaining different approaches to teaching online, and indicating how these methods might be adapted into blended/dual delivery.

The University’s guidance on teaching delivery in the 2020-21 academic year states:

  1. There may be no face-to-face on-campus lecture delivery so you will need to plan for lectures needing to be recorded and made available via the VLE.
  2. Small-group teaching should be designed to support both physical face-to-face gatherings of groups on-campus and gatherings of remote groups online.
  3. Where teaching cannot be offered face-to-face, the best possible online alternative should be provided.

With these principles in mind, this VLE site has been developed to help you to:

  • Convert face-to-face lectures and seminars into online equivalent resources and activities;
  • Design further types of online learning materials;
  • Structure and sequence learning content within the VLE;
  • Deliver your online learning materials and facilitate student engagement.

All UoY staff should be able to access the new “Preparing for dual delivery (2020-21)” VLE site here. If you cannot access the site and think that you should be able to, please contact us at

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