2020 Have Your Say – Request Enhancements for Collaborate Ultra and Blackboard Mobile

Do you have a suggestion for an improvement to the Collaborate Ultra platform or the Blackboard Learn mobile experience (either via the apps or mobile web browser)?

If so, we’d love to hear from you.

We have created two surveys to allow our user community to both suggest new features/enhancements and to vote on those that have already been suggested. If you have ten minutes, please complete the relevant survey(s) if you have thoughts to share:

These surveys are anonymous, unless you choose to share your name/email at the end of the form. They’re comprised of likert scales, where you can vote 0-10 on each suggested feature/change (0 = N/A, 10 = Essential). There’s a space at the end of each form where you can suggest further features/changes that you would like.

We feel that it is important that we give feedback to Blackboard about the products that they make: suggesting fixes, tweaks and changes. The results of these surveys will greatly help us with this when we next meet with Blackboard, towards the end of June.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the surveys.

Update w/c June 22nd – Initial Survey Results Now Out!

Please see our results blog post for further information

Who and what is “MoCo”?

At the top of each form you’ll see references to “MoCo”. “MoCo” is short for “Mobile and Collaborate” and it’s the nickname of the “Blackboard Mobile and Collaborate User Group in Europe”, which I co-lead with a colleague from UWE Bristol.

More information: What is a User Group?

As a user of either Collaborate or Blackboard Mobile (or both!) you’re very welcome to join MoCo and contribute further to our community. We meet online on the last Friday of every month to share best practices, tips and more. To join, register on the Blackboard Community Site and then head over and join the MoCo User Group.

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