Updated: Yorkshare Standard Assignment Markup Changes – New Features, Flexibility and More

Please note: The changes described here are only for standard assignment submission points and do not impact anonymous assignment submission points; anonymous assignment markup will still occur outside of the VLE in the tool of your choice (Adobe Reader, Google Drive, etc).

We’re pleased to announce that changes have now come to the standard assignment markup interface (implemented July 6th, 2020).

Historically, markup within standard submission points was done via a tool named “Crocodoc”. Crocodoc was bought out by Box and decommissioned globally in January 2018, resulting in all Blackboard Learn customers moving from Crocodoc to a new “Box View” tool. Box View has left much to be desired, with only three basic markup options and no summary annotation pane.

A screenshot of Crocodoc and Box View side by side. Crocodoc's many mark up options and annotation pane are obvious in contrast to Box View's very basic offering.

Screenshots of the old Crocodoc and Box View interfaces – Click the image to enlarge it.

Blackboard have now moved away from “Box View” to a new tool named “Bb Annotate”; Bb Annotate has many more features and is far more flexible than Box View.

Bb Annotate Feature Overview Video:

View this Bb Annotate overview video in another tab [YouTube]

What’s Changed:

Decorative - example screenshot of the new Bb Annotate interface, demonstrating the features outlined in the "what's changing" text below

Screenshot of the new Bb Annotate interface – Click the image to enlarge it.

  • Staff:
    • Have access to far more markup options than previously, including: Highlights, “pop out” text comments, free floating text boxes, varied free hand drawing tools, shape drawing tools, pre-made or custom-made stamps and the option to insert images
    • Are able to markup and grade student submissions via the Blackboard Instructor app on a mobile device
    • Are able to search through a submission to look for certain words or key phrases.
  • Students:
    • Are easily be able to see all comments made on their submission in a list down one side of the document
    • Have access to download and print their marked up submissions
    • Have a slightly more streamlined submission experience
    • Can search through a submission to look for certain words or key phrases.

What’s Stayed the Same:

  • Supported file types (no .pages document or HEIC image support at this time)
  • Markup made on files prior to the switch over is retained and still accessible in Bb Annotate (ie. markup and comments made in Box View will still be visible in Bb Annotate)
  • The blue “right hand panel” is exactly the same, along with everything in it: the overarching “feedback to learner” box, grading options and the ability to attach and utilise rubrics
  • Anonymous and delegated grading workflows and settings
  • The Grade Centre and Needs Marking pages, and will continue to function in the same way.

Help Materials:

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