COVID-19: Summary Resource/Guidance Page and Team Updates

(Last updated 16.09.2020)


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Induction Materials for 2020/21:

Student Induction Materials

Staff Induction Materials

  • A new “Explore!” tab should now be visible in the top right of all Yorkshare VLE pages for staff and students, which links through to many induction-related resources
  • Our “e-Learning at York for New Staff” blog post contains information for new staff on our key systems: the Yorkshare VLE, Replay (aka Panopto), Collaborate, Padlet and more.

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Student Support:

Take a look at our new “Introduction to learning technologies” area and the new “Explore!” tab in the top right of every Yorkshare VLE page. These areas covers what types of online task you may be given as a student, as well as technical guidance on how to use many of the common tools used to facilitate these tasks (such as the VLE, Replay, Collaborate and more). The Library have also provided a Skills Guide around studying online, which cover areas such as being digitally organised, researching effectively online, and how to communicate with others over the internet.

For day to day technical support, students can look at the “Help & Support” tab in the top right of every VLE page, or use our Student Help & Support Page.

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Staff Support:

Preparing & Delivering Dual Delivery – Academic Year 2020/21

For guidance around how the University is approaching teaching, learning and assessment for the 2020/21 academic year, departments should refer to the Academic Contingency Group’s webpages as well as the Academic Contingency Group’s Blog. The guidance for Autumn Term 20/21 is different to the emergency, short term guidance issued for Summer Term 19/20. 

For guidance on implementing what the Academic Contingency Group have advised, please refer to the following materials:

Two academics from the Department of Chemistry have written up papers about their experiences of both teaching and preparing to teach during COVID-19:

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Transferring Face-To-Face Teaching Online – Summer Term 2020

THIS SECTION NOW REDUNDANT, see “Dual Delivery” above for current info

In line with the emergency COVID-19 policy and guidance for departments on teaching, learning, assessment and progression guidance issued in March 2020, the Programme Design and Learning Technology Team developed a companion document for guidance on transferring teaching to online for the Summer Term of 2020: Transferring Face-To-Face Teaching to Online [Google Doc]. This document aimed to assist colleagues with practical considerations for delivering teaching fully online.

In a similar vein we also produced a document to address the primary technical considerations when transferring formerly closed assessments to an online format.  This document is entitled Transferring Face-to-Face Summative Assessment Online [Google Doc] and is intended to complement the Transferring Teaching document linked further above, again for the Summer Term of 2020.

If you have any specific queries that sit outwith the areas covered in these documents, please contact the Programme Design and Learning Technology Team at the earliest possible convenience at

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PDLT Working Arrangements and Office Hours:

Due to campus closure, the Programme Design and Learning Technology Team are now working remotely. Our capacity to provide face-to-face support, training and advice to colleagues and students will be impacted by these measures, as with other campus-based provision.

Please rest assured, however, that during the ongoing “new reality” the Programme Design and Learning Technology Team will continue to provide full support for our services within our advertised office hours of 09:00 to 17:15, Monday to Friday (not bank holidays). We will endeavour to meet our service level agreement of three working days, but with respect to the extraordinary circumstances and the current high level of demand upon our services, we thank you for your patience and understanding should it take us longer to get back to you.

It is expected that continued unforeseen scenarios will arise, however we urge colleagues to think proactively about their requirements for learning, teaching and assessment, to consult our guidance above, and to contact the Programme Design and Learning Technology Team as early as possible at Remember, we also have our general online technical help and support pages for a quick and easy way to get to commonly-needed guidance.

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