Supporting Learning with Technology

Over the summer we ran a couple of ‘York Technology – What’s New and What’s Hot’ sessions, one on the Heslington East campus (Aug 22nd) and one on the Heslington West campus (Sept 5th).  The session firstly highlighted what’s new within the VLE (Yorkshare) as a consequence of the 2019 summer upgrade.  Some highlights of the upgrade were as follows:

  • Recording of audio/video feedback is now possible from directly within the Grade Centre
  • Basic Grade Centre functionality enhancements have been made including an expanded ability to reconcile grades and also to allow further attempts when anonymously grading Standard Assignments
  • Colour configuration of a VLE site’s left-menu is now possible
  • A new attendance recording Course Tool is now available
  • Accessibility support has been improved

The session then also touched on a number of the other technology platforms we now support (for teaching and learning activity) at the University so, if you are new to the University or have been away from teaching for a while, you may find the presentation from this session (PPTX) useful.

In addition to the VLE (Yorkshare) the platforms supported by the PDLT include:

Understandably, questions were raised during these two sessions about accessibility and our urgent need to comply with current and new legislation relating to the accessibility of the digital resources that we provide to students and staff.  We are helping support University digital accessibility concerns and are maintaining a wiki to track digital accessibility support concerns; this includes links for signing up to scheduled accessibility training sessions as well as information (including FAQs) and links to guides on preparing accessible materials.  If you have concerns relating to accessibility please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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