Standard Assignment Video Guides

The 2018/19 academic year has seen quite a surge in departmental use of the VLE’s standard Assignment tool to handle formative assignment electronically.  The standard Assignment tool provides an end-to-end workflow for assignment allowing students to submit their work via the VLE, staff to mark and provide feedback (including annotations) on student submissions directly in the VLE and for students to view their marks and/or feedback within the VLE.

A number of departments are also using this tool for non-anonymous summative submissions.

To support this increased use we’ve developed a series of short help videos covering the most common tasks you might need to undertake within Yorkshare (the VLE) when:

  • setting up a standard Assignment submission point
  • marking submissions made to a standard Assignment submission point using the Grade Centre (including use of Box View for annotation and Rubrics)
  • creating and assigning marking rubrics to standard Assignment submission points
  • simplifying Grade Centre display and creating custom views of the Grade Centre
  • creating non-scored assessments
  • removing or revealing student access to marks and feedback

These videos have been uploaded to YouTube and also divided into two play-lists (see below).

Setting-up standard Assignment submissions:

Marking standard Assignment submissions:

Note that the standard Assignment tool also supports group submissions, integrated text-matching (using SafeAssign – TurnItIn is not integrated with this tool), delegated grading and anonymous grading.  If you think you might wish to use one of these features then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about this (at as there are further complicating considerations to take into account when using these additional options.

The individual videos in this guidance series are as follows:

Marking Play-list

Standard Assignment – Finding student submissions Standard Assignment – Using the Needs Grading view
Standard Assignment – Checking whether students can or can’t see your progress as you mark Standard Assignment – Using customised views of the Grade Centre
Standard Assignment – Viewing student submissions and marking them Standard Assignment – Grading and feedback using a rubric
Standard Assignment – Annotating student submissions with highlights and/or commenting Standard Assignment – Downloading files submitted by students
Standard Assignment – Annotating student submissions using the drawing tool Standard Assignment – Jumping to another student submission by name
Standard Assignment – If the text of the student document is not displayed Standard Assignment – How to release feedback and marks if they are suppressed during marking
Standard Assignment – Attaching a file into the Grade Centre as feedback Standard Assignment – How students see their feedback and marks

Set-up Play-list

Standard Assignment – Setting up a standard assignment submission point – basics Standard Assignment – Adding the My Grades tool to a VLE Site for student access to feedback
Standard Assignment – Creating simplified custom views of the Grade Centre Standard Assignment – Creating and assigning a rubric to an assignment
Standard Assignment – Hiding Grade Centre columns to make reading the Grade Centre easier Standard Assignment – Formative assessment without scores

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