Recap: ResponseWare Lunch and Learn, January 10

On January 10th, The University of York welcomed Dr. Fabio Arico and Turning Technologies to deliver a guest workshop to members of academic staff.

Dr Fabio Arico is a Senior Lecturer in Macroeconomics at the University of East Anglia. His recent publication with Simon Lancaster discusses active learning, peer-instruction, flipped learning and self-efficacy through interactions with Responseware.

In the well-attended workshop, Fabio shared his practice and demonstrated teaching workflows that utilise Electronic Voting Systems to provide students with the impetus to self-assess.

In 2016 Professor Simon Lancaster visited the University of York to deliver a workshop which focused on question design for Peer-Instruction activities (read the associated blog post here). Whilst Peer Instruction (Mazur, 1997) also sits at the heart of Fabio’s thinking, it is the additional self-assessment step which makes his approach unique. In addition, by using a consistent approach to questioning, the possibility is raised for the longitudinal capture and scrutinising of response data. This, Fabio asserted, allows an educator to accurately demonstrate learning gain, and also to reflect upon the effectiveness of their own teaching methods. As such, whilst the design of Peer Instruction activities may focus on encouraging learners to develop self-efficacy skills, the facilitating factor of an electronic voting system provides an educator with the ability to build a corpus of data that may serve as a lens onto their own practice.

For more information about the underpinning pedagogy, refer to section 4.3.2 of our York Technology-Enhanced Learning Handbook.

A lecture recording was made of the talk and can be accessed here. Please note that this recording can only be viewed by those with a University of York IT account.

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