PDLT Show and Tell Autumn 2018 Recap – Inclusive Practice

The PDLT Autumn 2018 Show and Tell on Inclusive Practice (14 Nov) was well attended by various departments. Emily Brunsden from Physics started by sharing her understanding of what inclusive practice is and the drivers for making sure her learning resources and practices are ‘born accessible‘. Her principles for universal design for learning are:

  • present information and content in different ways
  • differentiate the ways that students can express what they know and
  • stimulate interest and motivation for learning

Emily Brunsden showing 3D models at the Inclusive show and tell.

Find out how Emily translates these principles into her teaching practice: view the recording of Emily’s talk 0:00 to 0:19 (UoY login required) and her slides. You can also view a desktop recording of Emily’s talk created for a Future Teacher webinar on inclusive practice.

Emily mentioned the use of LaTeX in her session: the university has licenced a collaborative online LaTeX editor called Overleaf that colleagues may find helpful.

Mark Egan from The York Management School followed up by sharing with us how he helps his students through:

  • Ideation – capturing thoughts and conceptual links through mindmaps and storyboards
  • Writing practice – bringing the reference list to life in lectures and having writing boot camps, making feedback more personal by using Dragon Dictate to capture his ‘voice’ in feedback writing (Google voice typing is demonstrated by Lilian around 00:47)
  • Spatial practices – using the Island of Interaction in the Ron Cooke hub so students can move around the mindmaps and ideas and interact in different spaces
  • Involvement – with his large cohorts of students in Management, Mark implements a student steering group to provide him with feedback on his lectures and seminar design. The students became confident enough to help design a seminar towards the end of the term.

Mark Egan encouraging the use of student steering groups for inclusive practice

Mark’s session starts around 00:20 in the recording (UoY login required)

You can read more about Mark’s story and listen to an interview with him in the case studies area.

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