Padlet User Group forum, 5 Dec 2018

Padlet is an online collaborative tool that acts as a virtual noticeboard for sharing a variety of content. Padlet boards can be used as a way to gather together thoughts and ideas in a lecture with students using their own devices, or they could be used as an online activity to support independent study.

The university has an organisation Padlet account at Find out more about this interactivity tool on our page about Padlet.pencil and paper on blue background

Our first Padlet User Group forum is organised in conjunction with the Learning and Teaching Forum and is a great opportunity to find out how others are using Padlet for teaching and learning. A variety of presenters will showcase their Padlets. Feel free to join us to find out more if you are not already a Padlet user. If you are a Padlet user and would like to share your use of this tool, please do contact


5 Dec 2018
Tea and coffee available from 2.45pm
D/N/056 Lecture Room, Derwent College, Campus West

Find out more and book.

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