Celebrating CMALT success

CMALT is a portfolio-based peer-reviewed accreditation scheme, organised by the Association for Learning Technology [External Web Link], for which the University of York is an organisational member. CMALT aims to foster an appreciation of the interplay between learning and technology as well as provide a platform to allow educators and those involved in supporting education to learn from each other.

At this year’s Association for Learning Technology conference in Manchester (10th-12th September) (conference site) there was a special celebration for all learning technologists who had recently achieved certification through the CMALT scheme or had updated their accreditation. Photos of the celebration event are available here (flickr link).

The roll of honour is available here (Celebrating CMALT holders). It is with great pride that we announce that our own Amy Eyre was recognised this year in the list of accredited members. Amy will be reflecting on her CMALT experience with a further blog post here in the near future, but her CMALT portfolio is already publicly available: Amy Eyre’s CMALT Portfolio [sites.google.com]

Richard Walker was also recognised as one of the first UK professionals to achieve CMALT accreditation for the new Senior CMALT pathway, and one of only three professionals worldwide to have done so. The Senior pathway has been designed for professionals in leadership roles seeking to gain an advanced accreditation and requires evidence to be presented on two specialist areas and one advanced area of learning technology practice. There is also a new early career CMALT pathway, which has been designed for new entrants to learning technology support roles. Further details on these new pathways are available on the Association for Learning Technology’s website (Pathways to CMALT).

The Programme Design and Learning Technology Team will be running its 4th peer-writing cohort for CMALT this term, which aims to help participants to develop their own learning technology portfolio, with portfolio submission targeted for the end of January 2019.

If you would like to know more about the CMALT peer-writing group and what’s involved and/or would like to sign up for the September cohort,  please contact Dr Richard Walker (richard.walker@york.ac.uk) to register your interest. You can also find out more about the CMALT process on our E-Learning Blog. [Web Link]

Application to CMALT has a small fee attached and you should arrange this with your line manager. For further details on CMALT and submission deadlines, please see ALT’s official website. [External Web Link]

2 responses to “Celebrating CMALT success

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  2. Great to hear about your CMALT accreditation. Excellent portfolio, Amy. It’s captured lot of great work and it’s really well presented. Hope it was a good experience.

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