Rebranding of the E-Learning Team

Regular visitors to this blog and the eagle-eyed will have spotted the change of the name of our team. Why has this occurred and what does it mean for how we support learning technologies moving forward?

The rebranding is all part of the re-organisation effort that the Academic Support Office has been going through, to achieve closer alignment with Faculties and to present a clearer service structure to staff and students.

As part of this process, the former E-Learning Development Team has now been incorporated within a new Programme Design and Learning Technology Team, effective from 1st September 2018.  

The new Team provides professional advice and support to academic departments in the development of their degree programmes, with particular emphases on:

  • effective programme design to support students’ achievement of ambitious and stretching programme learning outcomes, and
  • the effective use of centrally supported learning technologies for learning, teaching and assessment.

This work is informed by the principles of the York Pedagogy and by the opportunities to take forward departments’ enhancement plans and other priorities arising from the implementation phase of the York Pedagogy initiative.  Our work is also informed by knowledge of good practice and resources across disciplines and in the wider sector.

Our responsibilities include:

  • liaising with and providing professional advice to departmental Chairs of Boards of Studies, Chairs of Teaching Committees, VLE coordinators, and programme and module leaders, facilitating informed reflection on effective pedagogy, programme and module design.  Where appropriate this includes opportunities to enhance student learning and the provision of engaging teaching and classroom activities through the use of learning technologies;
  • advising staff on internal and external resources and good practice appropriate to their discipline, informed by the University’s strategic priorities and by developments in the sector;
  • promoting and supporting the use of the University’s centrally-supported learning technologies, through the delivery of departmental briefings and workshops tailored to local requirements, and provision of advice and desk-side support to programme teams and academic staff;
  • co-ordinating the delivery and development of services such as lecture recording and online assessment methods;
  • assisting in the evaluation and dissemination of the impact of learning enhancement activities, and of effective programme and module design and modes of delivery.

In summary then, our remit has grown to encompass programme design and enhancement activities in combination with technology enhanced learning activities – hence the change in name of the team. Please rest assured though that we remain committed to supporting staff and students in their use of centrally supported learning technologies. All learning technology support requests should continue to be channelled to us in the usual way via the email address:

Please be patient with us whilst we update all of our current online assets with the new team name – It may be a short while before everything’s brought up to speed.

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