E-Learning Newsletter – September 2018 Edition

Welcome to the September edition of our newsletter, which summarises the latest news on technology enhanced learning provision across the University.

To navigate through the contents below, you will need to open up the Google Doc for the hyperlinks to work. Otherwise, you can just scroll through the blogpost.

You can stay up to date with us by visiting our website: https://elearningyork.wordpress.com/ or following us on Twitter: @UoY_Yorkshare.

In this edition:

  • Info: ASO Reorganisation and Rebranding of the E-Learning Development Team
  • Info: University Policy for the Recording of Lectures
  • Info: VLE Training ahead of the new Academic Year
  • Info: New Case Study Layout on E-Learning Blog
  • Info: Getting Started with the VLE One-Pager for Students
  • Interactive Tool Feature: Padlet
  • Training: Replay Room Briefings
  • Upcoming Webinar: Alternatives to Lecture Capture – Online, Wed 31 October, 12:15
  • Upcoming Webinar: Future Teacher: Working with Rich Media – Video. Online Friday, 27 Sep 2018 at 13:00
  • Ongoing call for participation: Pedagogy-based Twitter feed, UoY_TEL
  • Training: Development Opportunities and Bespoke Training

Info: ASO Reorganisation and Rebranding of the E-Learning Development Team

The Academic Support Office has undertaken a re-organisation over recent months, to achieve closer alignment with Faculties and to present a clearer service structure to staff and students.

As part of this re-organisation there has been a significant change in the remit and branding of the E-Learning Development Team, which now becomes the Programme Design and Learning Technology Team (effective from 1st September 2018).  This change reflects a broadening of the Team’s remit to support academic staff with programme, module and assessment design: e-learning is now an important part of all programmes, from interactive resources in a module through to fully online degrees.

This draws on the principles of the York Pedagogy and makes connections with other priority areas such as the University’s Employability Strategy.  Rest assured that we will continue to provide expert, pedagogy-led support for learning technology services such as lecture capture and e-assessment, both at the programme and individual module level.

Info: University Policy on the recording of Lectures

A University-wide policy for the recording of lectures was ratified on July 10th by University Senate, and will come into effect for the start of the 2018-19 Academic Year.

In brief, the policy stipulates that:

  • Where a timetabled ‘Lecture’ occurs within a supported room (List for 2018-19, Google Sheet), it is expected that an automatic recording will be scheduled.
  • Recordings should be published to students studying on the module within a maximum of 3 working days. Departments or individuals may choose to adopt a more immediate release model within this time-frame.
  • Departments must outline their recording itinerary to timetabling@york.ac.uk prior to the start of teaching.
  • Each Department will determine which teaching encounters are not pedagogically suitable for recording (guided by the criteria set out in the lecture capture policy document), and will communicate their recording itinerary to students via a brief statement. This statement should, as appropriate, include a rationale for when particular activities will not be scheduled for recording, outlining what equivalent alternative learning resources will be made available to them.
  • In cases where approval is given for a teaching encounter not to be recorded, the intended presenter or module convenor should provide an alternative and equivalent learning resource.
  • Replay Room Briefings will be held throughout Week 1 of the Autumn Term in teaching spaces across campus. Academic staff who would like to receive training on the recording system or a refresher briefing will be welcome to attend. Sign ups may be made via this Google Form.

Departments have been provided with guidance on how they may communicate their recording and publishing itinerary to the relevant service teams.

Whilst the consultation period for the policy has now ended, it will be subject to a yearly review. Any questions about the implementation of the policy may be directed to  vle-support@york.ac.uk

Info: VLE Training for the new Academic Year

Whether you are new to the University, the VLE, or you would simply like a refresher of our core E-Learning Provision, you can request a bespoke training session for either yourself or make a booking for your department by contacting us at: vle-support@york.ac.uk.

Departments who envisage a specific need from a number of new staff members are encouraged to consider their requirements and communicate these to the E-Learning Development Team as soon as possible.

Alternatively, we also offer a series of self-paced ‘getting started’ resources, which you can explore at a time and rate of your own convenience. This blog post provides a table listing (and individually linking to) all of the short ‘getting started’ help videos we’ve produced.  The table also includes links to equivalent written guides where available too.

We’ve also developed a series of short help videos (hosted on YouTube) covering the most common tasks you might need to undertake when developing, preparing or managing your Yorkshare (VLE) site.

Info: “Getting Started with the VLE” One Pager Guide Available for Students

We have a “Getting Started with Yorkshare VLE for Students – One Pager” guide available that covers four key things students should know to get started with using Yorkshare VLE:

  • Which web browsers to use for the best VLE experience
  • How to spot when you’ve been automatically logged out due to inactivity
  • What to do if you cannot see the sites you expect on your VLE homepage
  • Where to go to find further VLE help.

These areas cover the main queries that our team receive from students.

This document is available to students on their “Help & Support” tab within the VLE, and we will be advertising it via a banner/box on student VLE homepages throughout Autumn term. Feel free to also disseminate it yourselves however you choose, particularly during Autumn term.

If you have any feedback about this one pager please contact amy.eyre@york.ac.uk

Info: New Case Study Layout on E-Learning Blog

We have redesigned our case studies pages on our e-learning blog site to help you find examples of colleagues’ good practice in the use of technologies in teaching and learning.

You can now browse by teaching themes, technologies or discipline.

We have also added a latest case studies area to help you find more recent examples.

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions on the usefulness of these pages. Please do let us know if you can contribute a case study or have found any broken links  by contacting us at: vle-support@york.ac.uk.

More case studies are on their way and will be highlighted in each month’s newsletter.

Interactive tool feature: Padlet

The University now has an organisation licence for Padlet, which will allow you to create more than 5 Padlets with a personal account.

Padlet allows you to create an online space for students to interact with you via text, picture, audio or video. Students can vote for each others’ posts and comment on them, depending on your settings. Padlets can be linked to, or embedded within VLE module sites.

See our guidance and user guides on using Padlet [YTEL handbook].

URL: http://uniofyork.padlet.org

Login with your UoY Google account.

As usual, contact vle-support@york.ac.uk if you have any queries about the use of this tool.

2018/19 Replay Staff Briefings

With the start of the new Academic Year, we will deliver briefings for staff in rooms equipped for Replay Lecture Capture across campus. The session is highly recommended for those who will be using Replay for the first time in the Autumn term – but will also chart updates to the service and provide a refresher for previous users.

The session will include:

  • Updates to Replay in 18/19
  • A run-down of room controls
  • An overview of the web editor and the publication of lecture captures.
  • A short question and answer session

Heslington West

25/09/2018 – 14:00 – 15:00 – P/L/002 Lecture Theatre (Replay + Board Capture Room)

26/09/2018 – 13:00 – 14:00 – SLB/005 Seminar Room

Heslington East

25/09/2018 – 11:00 – 12:00 – RCH/037 Lecture Theatre (Replay + Board Capture Room)

26/09/2018 – 10:00 – 11:00 – PZA/022 Seminar Room

You can register to attend a  briefing by completing the following Google Form (UoY Login Required).

Webinar: Alternatives to Lecture Capture (Online) 12:30, Wednesday, October 31, 12:15

Replay is a powerful means of mass-producing recordings of lectures – but there may be instances where this may not be pedagogically suitable or practical.

With regards to the University’s Policy on the Recording of Lectures, and in the spirit of the University’s Inclusive Learning and Teaching Policy, this webinar will explore how staff can create alternative, equivalent resources for their students.

The webinar will firmly situate the guidance within the York context – drawing upon the core technologies that the University supports and case studies from our departments

You may register for this webinar by completing the following Google Form. (UoY Login Required)

See also below the Future Teacher 3.0 Webinar for Working with Rich Media – Audio.

Webinar: Future Teacher 3.0 webinars

The last webinar on Working with Rich Media – Audio featured Dr David Beer (@davidgbeer) from Sociology on his podcast project.

The next interactive Future Teacher webinar is on the topic of Working with Rich Media – Video. This is on 27 September 2018 at 13:00. The sign up form is now open for registration. If you’d like to contribute to the webinar, please do get in touch with lilian.soon@york.ac.uk.

If you’ve not attended a webinar before, please do get in touch with us so we can show you how easy it is to take advantage of this, and many other learning opportunities.You can view previously recorded webinars and access the interactive learning resource from the Future Teacher website. Previous sessions have featured various University of York staff and covered:

  • Online learning – what works?
  • The Flipped Classroom
  • Knowing what they know – getting feedback from students
  • Collaborative teaching and learning – inside and outside the classroom
  • Strategies to support reading
  • Strategies to support writing
  • Self-assessment and mastery learning
  • Using Social Media in Teaching and Learning (Glenn Hurst, Chemistry)
  • Inclusive Practice (Emily Brunsden, Physics)
  • Working with Rich Media – Images (Sandrine Devlin, LFA)
  • Working with Rich Media – Audio (David Beer, Sociology)

Do run the Zoom webinar test before the day to ensure you can access the webinar.

Call for Participation: Pedagogy-based Twitter account, @UoY_TEL

We’ve started a new Twitter account to help us connect with academics who are using technology enhanced teaching and learning. We’ll use this channel to promote ideas, case studies, and share your success stories. Please do connect with us if you’d like to exchange ideas.

Development Opportunities and Bespoke Training


VLE Induction – Getting Started with Yorkshare and Baseline Approaches

This can be tailored to an academic or support staff context, specific to your use of the VLE in your role – ideal for those who are new to using Yorkshare or who may need a refresher on certain tools and functionality. Section 1 of the York TEL Handbook also covers recommended good practice for baseline use of Yorkshare. As well as 1:1 consultations at the modular level, we can tailor this session to programme teams for a more holistic overview.


VLE Induction – Yorkshare Administration

Yorkshare Administration training is for departmental administrators who need to create and manage Yorkshare module sites and content system privileges.


VLE Induction – Self-paced Getting Started Materials

We’ve developed a series of short help videos (hosted on YouTube) covering the most common tasks you might need to undertake when developing, preparing or managing your Yorkshare (VLE) site.

This blog post provides a table listing (and individually linking to) all of the short ‘getting started’ help videos we’ve produced.  The table also includes links to equivalent written guides where available too.

The blog post also provides links to three online Prezi files that further contextualise the help videos:

Basics of using Yorkshare (Prezi)

Prezi contextualising the videos relating to advanced use of Yorkshare’s Content Items

Prezi contextualising the videos relating to Tools and Control Panels

You can view a more comprehensive list of the professional development opportunities that we offer on our E-Learning Blog. To request a session for either yourself or to make a booking for your department, please contact us at the earliest possible convenience at: vle-support@york.ac.uk

As always, we welcome any feedback and suggestions on how we can support e-learning and use of the VLE and other technologies within your departments. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at vle-support@york.ac.uk.

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