Webinar: Working with Rich Media, Audio – 29 June

Future Teacher Talk – Working with Rich Media – Audio

29 June, 1pm UK time

Sign up for the next webinar at http://bit.ly/ft30ukpage.

Future Teacher 3.0 and Erasmus logoThe Future Teacher Talks are a series of webinars focusing on learning and teaching with technology. They also have a strong slant towards inclusivity.

The webinars are free and open to anyone involved in delivering or supporting teacher and learning in the UK and Europe. They are also an opportunity for staff at the University of York to showcase good practice to others in the UK and beyond. Educational Adviser, Lilian Soon, is one of the hosts for this Erasmus-funded staff development series. Guests or highlights from the University have included Glenn Hurst from ChemistryEmily Brunsden from PhysicsSandrine Devlin from LFA among others. Various University staff have also joined the webinars as participants.

If you are unsure about accessing webinars, please do get in touch with us to find out more: vle-support@york.ac.uk.

Get involved by joining the discussion on #ft30uk, following @ft30uk or joining the futureteacher JISC mailing list.

Quotationpositive tweets about future teacher webinars

The previous webinar recordings and resources used are also available to view.

March 2017: Online learning – what works?
April 2017: The flipped classroom
May 2017: Knowing what they know – getting feedback from students
June 2017: Collaborative teaching and learning – inside and outside the classroom
October 2017: Strategies to support reading
November 2017: Strategies to support writing
January 2018: Self assessment and mastery learning
March 2018: Social media for teaching and learning
April 2018: Inclusive practice
May 2018: Working with Rich Media 1- Images
June 2018: Working with Rich Media 2 – Audio
Sept 2018: Working with Rich Media 3 – Video
Oct 2018: Getting savvy with digital tools and resources
Nov 2018: Designing appropriate assessments (1)
Jan 2019: Designing for technology enhanced programmes – 1
Feb 2019: Designing for technology enhanced programmes – 2

See our Development and Training page.

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