Recap: ELDT Lunchtime Webinar: Video and beyond: Screencasting as a medium for the Flipped Classroom


Our May ELDT Lunchtime Webinar considered the medium of video as a means for facilitating the flipped classroom.

Within the session, we presented case studies and approaches for embedding active learning opportunities within or around video content. The session also considered how instructors may tackle some of the challenges associated with designing content for the flipped classroom and fostering engagement.

With a mind to highlighting transferable, practical advice, we looked at the Panopto At-Desk Recorder, a Screencasting solution which is supported by the University of York, which allows staff to rapidly author video with few technical thresholds. As such, we considered simple design considerations for planning, recording and publishing recordings.

You can watch a recording of the Webinar here. [Guest Link, No Login Required]


00:00 – 04:44: The Flipped Classroom Overview
04:44 – 09:54: Challenges Associated with the Flipped Classroom
09:54 – 15:39: Video For The Flipped Classroom: Strengths, Case Studies and Example Workflows.
15:39 – 27:04: Screencasting Practical Tips and Design Considerations
27:04 – 31:27: Questions

Screencasting Additional Resources:

Screencasting Overview (From the York Technology-Enhanced Learning Handbook) – [Web Link]
Screencasting: Three Recommendations for Software (From the ELDT Blog) – [Web Link]
Replay At-Desk Capture – Guide for Making Recordings – [Google Doc]
Replay Lecturer Guide – Part 3, Editing Captures – [Google Doc]
Replay Lecturer Guide – Part 8, Downloading Captures – [Google Doc]
Panopto Quizzing – [External Web Link]

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