Recap: ELDT Lunchtime Webinar: Formative Assessment – Online

Formative assessment should provide a clear framework for feedback to students and enable them to learn through the process of assessment.  As such, the tools chosen to support formative activities should not just allow students to submit in a format appropriate for the assignment, but should also enable feedback to be returned to the student in a transparent and timely manner.

Our April lunchtime webinar, titled Embedding Formative Assessment, was developed to provide an overview of a range of interventions that you can use to support online formative assessment and also explore some of the underlying considerations when approaching such activity.  This was informed by case studies from across the campus where such tools have been embedded within a module’s learning and teaching.  The session touches upon the following (the time in the recording for these sections is provided in brackets):

  • Defining formative assessment (2:20)
  • Structuring formative assessments (4:13)
  • Approaches to formative assessment (13:00)
  • Forms of feedback and delivering it drawing on York case studies (22:45)
    • Includes coverage of audio and video feedback as well as other methods
  • Effective feedback – key principles (40:12)
  • Questions from participants (55:55)

You can view the webinar recording on embedding formative assessment here.

Embedding Formative Assessment PowerPoint file (PPTX 32MB)

Note that the PowerPoint file contains a number of links to supporting case studies and relevant sections of our TEL Handbook.

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