2017-18 Replay Survey Results

Building on substantial growth in the previous academic year, the Replay service has continued to evolve in terms of the quantity of material recorded, the provision of supported rooms and the rate of viewership.

Whilst Panopto’s reporting tools provide us with useful data on system usage (when recordings are being viewed, for how long etc.), the tools do not reveal how students are making use of the recordings to support their learning. The 2017-18 Replay Survey was designed to address this gap in our understanding of how the system is being used by students, with questions focusing on how students incorporate the use of Replay in their personal study routines.

The survey sought to explore how the electronic study tools within the Panopto video player were being incorporated into student routines.

As such, the questions covered:

  • How students consume lecture recordings
  • Where students consume lecture recordings
  • How the students utilise the video player’s inbuilt notation, search and discussion tools


The findings add weight to the value of the resource as a means of reducing anxiety over in-class notation shortfalls. Building upon this, many students remarked on a transformative effect on their learning – feeling that the supplement of a lecture recording encouraged them to undertake a more participatory role during the live lecture, as opposed to over-notating.

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