Recap: ELDT Lunchtime Webinar: Creating Inclusive Learning and Teaching Environments

Inclusive Teaching or Universal Design for Learning (UDL) encourages us to think about educational practice so that a greater diversity of students is included in higher education, including disabled students. As such, how do we create an engaging and inclusive environment to enable effective learning?

Our March lunchtime webinar provided an opportunity for one of our Disability Officers,  Claire Shanks, to present using our webinar tool, Collaborate, for the first time.  She provided an inspirational overview of what it means to be ‘inclusive’, supported by a video recording from the University of Leeds, and encouraged those who attended to reflect on what it meant for them. We looked at the global and local challenges that were driving us to make changes before examining the practical things we could do to create an inclusive teaching and learning environment. Emily Brunsden from Physics couldn’t join us for the live webinar, but her point was well illustrated in her recording, ‘5 steps towards an inclusive lecture‘ with an additional short video discussing the use of 3D printing to help a visually-impaired learner. Emily invites those interested in similar 3D modelling work to get in touch to create an open database of objects that can be visualised as digital models and as 3D printed models. (

Finally, we considered what baseline standards should be applied for inclusive practice and how this could be audited and supported. Our pathfinder departments will provide additional insights as they try to apply the University’s Inclusive Teaching, Learning and Assessment policy.

Watch the recording of the  webinar on Creating Inclusive Teaching and Learning.[Blackboard Collaborate, No Login Required]  

The video recordings featuring Emily Brunsden are embedded below:

Contact Claire Shanks ( for further advice and guidance or to join the Google Group: Inclusive Learning and Teaching at the University of York.
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