Opening email links in Gmail

gmail icon

Do you use Gmail as your main email client but find that selecting email links causes a mail programme to open instead (like Outlook)?

Next time you select an email link, (provided you have Chrome browser with Gmail open),  look at the Gmail tab for the ‘protocol handler’ icon. Select it and choose ‘allow’:

Select to allow

This will then become the default mail browser when you select email links on web pages. Test it now!

If you were unable to see the Protocol Handler icon (overlapping-diamonds), go to chrome://settings/handlers
Turn on the following:
Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols (recommended) 
Now go back to Gmail in Chrome, and you’ll see the diamonds. Click to allow gmail to be the default for emails.
You only have to do this once if you are signed in to Chrome browser.

Send us an email ( to let us know if you found this useful.

It’s worth reviewing IT Services’ help on email in case you encounter any other email-related issues.

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