Recap: ELDT Lunchtime Webinar: Turnitin Webinar II: Interpreting Originality Reports (for staff)

ELDT hosted a webinar on 29 Nov, 2017, on the use of Turnitin. Our guest speaker was Stephen Gow, Academic Integrity Coordinator in the Learning Enhancement Team. The aim of the session was to give staff more confidence in exploring the Turnitin reports and to make them aware that Turnitin is only one tool to hand in ensuring academic integrity. (A previous webinar looked at Interpreting Originality Reports in Turnitin.

This webinar highlighted specific features within the Turnitin Originality Report, particularly using the filters and match overview to help identify plagiarism. The session focused on the strengths of using Turnitin, such as using reports as proof of misconduct and using Turnitin formatively to highlight poor practice. It also explored some of the drawbacks of the software, for example, the increasingly complex database and risk of staff shifting to policing rather than teaching.

Video recordings were used throughout the webinar as it’s not possible to demonstrate the Turnitin software while in Collaborate. The webinar recordings and videos used are embedded below:

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