2016-17 Replay Survey Results

In Summer 2016, the University of York transitioned from Echo360 to Panopto as its chosen lecture recording platform. Over the course of the 2016-17 academic year, take-up of the service increased, with 70 teaching rooms used for lecture recording.

In the Spring Term, the ELDT issued both staff and student-facing surveys to gauge how well the service was meeting the needs of its various stakeholders.

Staff and students were invited to complete separate surveys. The format and scope was consistent to allow the pooled results to feed into a holistic view.

The questions spanned the Lecture Capture workflow, covering:

  • The requesting of recordings, creation and editing of content (staff)
  • The robustness of facilities (staff and students)
  • How recordings are published (staff and students)
  • How recordings are consumed (students)

Results overview

The results demonstrate that the service is meeting the majority of the demands upon it, demonstrating its resilience and reliability in supporting a significant upscale in system usage.

The response suggests that the service is only falling short significantly in its capacity to capture chalkboards and whiteboards – an area which is being addressed in preparation for the next academic year.


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