Recap : ELDT Show and Tell Lunch : Not Another Essay!?

This session, with the York Pedagogy in mind, was themed on innovative ways of both engaging and assessing students as well as supporting their development of transferable skills and career relevant knowledge.

Our presenters, Noel Jackson (Electronics) and Ursula Lanvers (Education), explained and illustrated how they implemented group work projects with large cohorts for which a key component was each group’s development of a supporting video clip.

Engineering Design

Core Year 1 Module
Noel Jackson, Department of Electronic Engineering

Noel discussed how he had developed the group work project with a view to addressing a number of key requirements.  With aims as diverse as introducing students to the typical skills needed in group project working through to a University drive to reduce assessment load, the solution had to be both innovative yet practical to implement.

The two key group generated outputs for the module, were the development of a WordPress site, used to reflect on the research and development process of their project, and a short video clip, designed to communicate the group’s research to a potentially ‘lay’ audience.  As a part of his presentation Noel showed us a couple of examples of the videos that students had very capably produced in support of their engineering.

The recording of Noel’s presentation is essential listening for anyone interested in developing a similar intervention with their students.  Noel provides a detailed overview of what students were expected to do, how they were supported and the full aims of the project as well as reflections on how well it worked in practice, which includes feedback Noel received from students.

Noel’s PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX 42K)
Link to a Replay recording of Noel’s presentation (requires authentication)

Introduction to Communicating and Presenting Educational Ideas

Core Year 1 Module
Ursula Lanvers, Department of Education

Ursula’s group work project had some similar underlying learning goals to that of Noel’s, though the output and development was in several ways different.

Ursula discusses how she scaffolded the student group work with particular mention of how she prepared and supported students for working effectively in their teams.  Ursula also outlines the model by which she asked team members to rate each other’s contributions to the overall team endeavour.

The key student output of Ursula’s group work was a group developed vod-cast.  An assessed video clip that pulls together and communicates the group’s research in an easy to consume but academically rigorous presentation.

As with Noel’s presentation Ursula’s is essential listening for anyone interested in developing a similar intervention with their own students and includes a short section from one of the high-scoring student submissions.

Link to a Replay recording of Ursula’s presentation (requires authentication)

Support from the E-Learning Development Team

We finished up the show and tell session with an overview of how the ELDT can support you in supporting student creation of content.  Our student orientated offering in this area, is outlined in this linked PowerPoint file (PPTX 9.6MB), which we used during the session.

Both Ursula and Noel availed themselves of our video workshops for students.

We don’t only support student development of video (iMovie, Movie Maker, Hit Film Express) skills however and, for various departments (as outlined in the presentation), we can also provide sessions on PIXLR, Photoshop, Photography, WordPress, Blogger, Google Tools (when used for teaching and learning purposes), Audacity (audio manipulation), PowerPoint (for poster design) as well as all VLE tools.

As ever though, we’d always suggest getting in touch with us at to discuss your needs and how we might tailor our support (including the sessions noted above) to meet your requirements.

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