Show and Tell, June 14th – Not another essay!? Student created content: Video and other media projects

This show and tell will be held on Wednesday, June 14th in D/L/116 (12:00 – 14:00) with lunch provided. Sign up here.

With the York Pedagogy in mind, innovative ways of both engaging and assessing students as well as supporting their development of transferable skills and career relevant knowledge will almost certainly be on your departmental teaching agenda.

Supporting students in the creation of their own content can be a particularly effective way to achieve such outcomes; not only can content development work be a powerful learning catalyst, it can also be one that highly engages and motivates students.

Ursula Lanvers (Education) and Noel Jackson (Electronics) have very kindly agreed to share their experience of implementing assessed student project work in this session. Both cases involved groups of students developing their own multimedia resources (video clips) as a part of their learning. Although both projects required students to develop video, the context and reasons for doing so were very different in both cases.

To conclude the session the E-Learning Development Team will provide further complementary information and advice, including details on how to support students to develop audio and poster/graphic projects.

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