Recap: Spring Term Show & Tell: Rubrics – Speeding up delivery of Formative Feedback

The standard Assignment tool allows receipted electronic submission of student work that markers can annotate and grade without it ever having to leave the VLE.

Students can similarly view your annotations, their feedback and their mark via Yorkshare too. What is less well used however, is the Rubric tool. This allows the attachment of a user definable criteria matrix to a submission point which you can then use to quickly position and mark student work with.  As well as providing ‘canned’ feedback (such as the criteria themselves) you can also provide specific feedback against the criteria if so desired.

At our Spring Term Show & Tell event, Louise Stringer from the International Pathway College shared both her and her colleague’s experience of using the Rubric tool across their department’s entire ‘English Language and Academic Skills’ programme in support of assessment.

The E-Learning Development Team were also on-hand to provide further complementary assessment and feedback related information and advice at the session.

View a Lecture Capture of the Session [Web Link, UoY Login Required]

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