Box of Broadcasts is here!

The library has recently added Box of Broadcasts (known as BoB) to its roster of subscriptions (click here for their blog post on the subject).

BoB is a service which records free-to-air broadcasts from sixty-five TV and radio channels (see the full list here) and makes the programmes and films available for educational purposes online. Recorded channels include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Film4, Channel 5, CNN and Sky News and access is afforded to an extensive archive of programmes going back as far back as the 1990’s.

  • BoB is available for free to anyone at the University after creating an account – you’re prompted to do that the first time you log in;
  • Everything can be shared very easily, by copying the page URL, adding to a reading list or embedding in other sites;
  • You can curate the material as well as just linking to it, for example by creating playlists that can then be shared with other people;
  • Clips can be taken from larger programmes, perhaps to grab a small section of it or to clip an advert from the original broadcast;
  • BoB is only available for use within the UK.

BoB and the VLE

You can easily embed full programmes or short video clips from BoB in to your VLE site:
Screenshot of an embedded BoB video player in situ within a content item on a VLE site.

Further Guidance

If you have queries about embedding BoB videos within the VLE please contact us, for everything else BoB related please try the BoB FAQ or contact the library.

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