Accessing Replay Viewing Statistics Through Yorkshare


This short guide will outline the process of accessing viewing statistics for Replay Captures via a Yorkshare VLE site.

View accessible version. [Google Doc]

Viewing Site-Level Statistics

Within the left-hand menu of a Yorkshare VLE site, click on the ‘Replay Content’ link.
When the ‘Replay Content’ window has loaded, click on the statistics icon  in the top right-hand corner (highlighted)



Here you can view overall statistics for your VLE site.

  1. Overall statistics for your VLE site in terms of capture views
  2. Control over the date range in which the statistics cover
  3. The ability to download the statistic graph shown
  4. A breakdown of the number of views per capture


Viewing Capture-Level Statistics

By clicking on a hyperlink to a specific capture, you can view a breakdown of how users have viewed it.


Here you can view how many minutes a particular users has viewed, see which parts of the capture have been most viewed, and see when most users have accessed the capture.

As with the overarching statistics, you can customise the date range and download copies of the graphs.


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