University of York joins the MOOCosphere

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been making headlines in the world of education in recent times, and York has recently engaged with the agenda – as such, over the course of 2016/7 the University will be developing a suite of such short online courses, all of which are all free and offer the chance to collaborate and share ideas with learners from across the globe. Delivered in partnership with FutureLearn, the first two York MOOCs available will be ‘Everyday Chemistry’ and ‘Becoming a Digital Citizen’, both of which launch on 23 January 2017.

‘Everyday Chemistry’ aims to be a hands-on online offering, with the opportunity to undertake a wide variety of experiments at home and then submit your personal findings to the group’s collective research. It will explore chemistry-based topics relating to our everyday lives, with an emphasis on the important role of organic chemistry – the study of carbon-containing organic compounds. Activities will include experimenting ‘in the kitchen’ with projects ranging from extracting a plant fragrance to the testing the activity of spices against microbes. You can sign up now at

‘Becoming a Digital Citizen’ offers contributions from academics across various departments at York about what it means to be a digital citizen in the twenty-first century, and how we can all use the internet and digital technologies more effectively to engage and participate in society and politics. The course also contains content from YUSU President, Millie Beach, on using the internet as a vehicle for participation and campaigning, as well as guidance from the Head of Careers, Tom Banham, about how your digital footprint can impact upon future employability both positively and negatively. There will be also opportunity to engage in debates on topics of digital society and share best practice, and you will be able to pick up tips on how you can enhance your online identity and engage in topics globally, how to use social media platforms to their full potential in a socially responsible way, and how to help shape political debate. You can sign up now at

~This post has been made on behalf of Ian Barr of the Centre of Lifelong Learning, you can learn more about the CLL here.

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