Lunchtime Webinar: Creating Video Resources for the Flipped Classroom

Webcam and at-desk capture software
Our recent webinar on creating video resources for the flipped classroom teaching model briefly covered flipped classroom pedagogy, before providing some tips for making video recordings at your desk and providing an overview of the Replay ‘At-Desk’ Recorder as one programme that could be used to create resources. The recording and associated resources are available below.


The previous webinar on flipped classroom approaches is available to watch again with slides also available online that go into more depth on the pedagogical principles.

Case studies from the webinar

There are a couple more example videos available showing the viewing experience via Replay Panopto. It’s worth comparing the two types of introductory videos for the module. One where I narrate slides, the other where I talk directly to camera – which one is more effective as an introduction to me/the module and which is more effective in conveying content?

Supporting guides

The following are the technical guides for making videos available on Yorkshare and using the Replay Panopto Recorder:

You can create very effective videos using PowerPoint and Replay alone. Video content allows you to present ideas visually, utilising animations to build a picture up sequentially, or capture other resources such as Prezi to show the relationship between key points. The following videos go into more depth about use of PowerPoint from a design perspective:

Alternatives for recording screens include Screencast-o-Matic, but this is a third-party, unsupported software and as such recordings will be transferred to an external server. It also adds branding to your recording. Camtasia Studio is a more complex screen recorder that allows you to add annotations, arrows and highlights (the Visual Digital Presentation videos linked below used Camtasia). Camtasia exports mp4 which can be uploaded into YouTube or Replay.

If you wish to use your mobile phone for video resources, it’s important to get a really quiet location. As you can tell from the example video (York Users Only), the sound quality varies considerably from the recording where I used a headset (York Users Only). Also, don’t forget to hold your mobile phone horizontally and you can also use tripod mounts. Some phones will allow you to put on a better microphone, either a lapel mic or ‘shotgun’ mic which is more directional. Once you’ve made your recording, use your phone’s ‘share’ feature to upload to Google Drive. You can then either share the video directly with students from Google Drive, or download the file and reupload to Replay.

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