Screencast Video Feedback using Replay

Headset and annotated work in Word

Video feedback can be used when marking formative work to explain aspects of your feedback in more detail. If you mark up student work, with video feedback you can ensure that attention is drawn to the main issues, helping the student identify which aspects of their work they could focus on for subsequent assessments. You can also use video feedback to talk through non-essay based work, such as spreadsheets, posters and other creative outputs which perhaps are more difficult to provide targeted annotated feedback on.

The Replay Panopto ‘At-Desk’ Recorder can be used to create video screencasts (recording of your computer screen) and share them with individual students securely. This video shows you how:

Watch the video feedback created during the video above via the link below. This is what the student would see when you shared the video link with them:

Getting started with screencast feedback

See a full workflow here [Google Doc]

  1. Request a Folder on the Replay system you can use for Video Feedback. We’ll make sure that it is set so only you have access to captures.
  2. Install the Replay Panopto Recorder (follow the guide).
  3. Make your recording and upload to Replay (watch the video or follow the guide).
  4. Share with the student using their University username (watch the video or follow the guide).

Quick tips

  • Don’t try to cover everything, but identify what aspects would benefit clearer explanation.
  • Speak as if the student was in front of you. This creates a personal tone, but will still allow you to provide critical feedback.
  • Zoom in so the text is as large as possible. This makes it clearer for the student to view your feedback (further detail).
  • Everything on screen is captured. Make sure you close any programmes and remove icons from your Desktop you do not want to be included on the recording (further detail).

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