Replay Lecture Capture – How to pause and stop lecture captures


Pausing captures

After capture has started, press the indicator light briefly.

During a Timetabled Lecture Capture, you can use the indicator light to edit out segments of the recording. This is similar to a pause button, except that recording continues in the background. When a capture is ‘paused’ it actually edits out that part of the recording, so that students/viewers cannot watch that part when the capture is released.

Only use the pause function after the capture has started. When the capture starts the light turns on and goes green. When ‘paused’ the light turns yellow. It can take a few seconds for the ‘pause’ to activate after pressing the light. Do not press down for more than a couple of seconds.

This is very useful if you want to make sure certain parts of your lecture capture are not made available afterwards, for example for:

  • Copyright reasons
  • Not releasing open discussion
  • Capturing only the ‘lecture’ part of a longer session

You can edit back in any segment that has been ‘paused’. This is useful if you forget to ‘unpause’ later during the lecture!

You can also use the Panopto icon near the clock on the Lectern PC Windows Desktop.

How to stop captures

Do not use the indicator light to stop recordings.

If you need to cancel a request for capture, do this in advance by contacting Timetabling. This makes sure that the Replay logo is removed from the Timetable, so both students, staff and the Replay know there is no capture for that session.

If that is not possible, and you need to stop a recording once it has started, you can use the control via the Replay Panopto icon near the clock on the lectern PC desktop.

DO NOT press and hold the indicator light to terminate capture as this can affect subsequent captures.Screenshot of the Panopto system tray icon on Windows 7

  1. Click the arrow near the clock.
  2. Click the Replay Panopto icon.
  3. Select Stop from the popup menu.
  4. Check the details that appear in the popup (you should NOT stop captures that have details showing different from the lecture you are delivering).
  5. Click Yes to confirm stopping the capture.

If you wish, you can use the indicator light to ‘pause’ recordings, where recording continues but ‘paused’ segments are edited out so that students cannot view.

For further details on pausing and stopping captures, please refer to the Replay In-Room Controls Guide.

If you encounter any problems, please take extra care not to cancel the subsequent lecture capture. Contact us on 1143 immediately following your lecture if you spotted anything unusual as we’ll want to make sure the next capture works ok.

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