Replay Lecture Capture – Updates for Autumn 2016


As previously advertised, the Replay lecture capture system has migrated to a new platform called Panopto. Over the Summer we have made Replay available in more rooms and improved the in-room functionality. Briefing sessions covered the basics of the new system (recording available here) and there is an additional webinar on 5 October on editing and controlling access (register to participate). We also have resources to support students effective use of captures as part of their overall study approach: Replay Student Guides and Study Advice.

The basic principles of the service remain the same and you do not need to do anything differently in the lecture room:

  • Lectures are scheduled for capture by contacting your Timetabling contact or, as appropriate.
  • Lectures scheduled for capture will be indicated with a logo on the University TimetableReplay Panopto Logo.
  • The capture will start automatically (4 mins past the start of the lecture time slot, e.g. xx:04 or xx:34) and stop automatically (3 mins to the end of the lecture time slot, e.g. xx:57 or xx:27).
  • Captures will be of projection screens and audio. You should use a clip-on radio mic, where available, to improve the quality of the capture.
  • Captures will be automatically made available to students via the Yorkshare VLE.

See the complete Guidelines for Use of the Replay Service and the Replay website for further details. Watch the capture of the Briefing Session.

Changes in rooms

There are some key differences in rooms:

  • All rooms* will be supported for ‘All Source‘ capture, meaning that you can now capture laptops, visualisers and other inputs to the projector in all Replay Supported Rooms.
  • The lectern PC does not need to be logged in for captures to start, for example if you are not using slides or just using your laptop. However, the PC does need to be powered on (don’t switch lecture PCs off!).
  • The lectern PC is ALWAYS captured during the recording period, even if another source is sent to the projector. Do not use the lectern PC for viewing confidential material.
  • ‘Pause’ functionality is available in all Replay rooms [In-Room Controls Guide]. You can either use the light indicator (press briefly to pause/resume) or the Panopto logo in the system tray on the lectern PC. This functionality continues recording, but edits out the ‘paused’ period so that it is not made available to students. ‘Paused’ segments can be retrieved if you forget to resume.
  • In P/L/001 and P/L/002 we have equipped video cameras for board capture. If required, the camera must be activated at the start of each hour of teaching and will use the pressure mats to zoom in to board work, the demonstration bench or OHP projection screen [Replay+ Camera Capture Guide].

*All Source capture will be the standard set up. If any rooms are not equipped for All Source capture, we will indicate this on the PC in the room and on the Replay Room List. TFTV/116 is a PC only capture room.

Changes with the software

There are some key differences with the new software:

  • Recordings are kept within a Panopto Folder associated with your Yorkshare VLE module site (if you used Replay previously, this is equivalent to the old EchoCenter).
  • Access to the Folder for both students and staff is via the ‘Replay Content‘ link within your Yorkshare VLE module site, or by going to
  • If you wish recordings to be ‘initially unavailable‘ you will need to adjust your Folder settings and manually release captures [Lecture Guide – Setting Availability].
  • Captures are only available to users enrolled on the Yorkshare VLE module site to which the Folder is associated.
  • Any user with the Instructor role on the Yorkshare VLE module site has editing rights over any recording in the associated Folder.
  • The Folder is always available to users via the direct web interface, even if the Yorkshare VLE module site is unavailable to students.
  • If you previously used Replay, links to EchoCenters and captures made using the old system will no longer work (you can hide/delete these, see blog post on Replay link changes).

Please see the Lecturer Guide for additional functionality, such as editing and sharing captures. If you previously used Echo360 Personal Capture, you will need to use the new Panopto Recorder for At-Desk Recordings.

The video below shows how captures will appear in your Yorkshare VLE module site:

Further support

Briefing sessions

Webinars on editing and other features

Key contacts

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