E-Learning Newsletter – August 2016 Edition

E-Learning Newsletter – August 2016 Edition

Over the past month, The E-Learning Development Team have been hard at work on a number of operational issues. One of our current priorities is to ensure a smooth process of migration of Replay Captures to the new system ahead of the next academic year.

Of course, we have been and will continue to be active in running workshops and championing Technology-Enhanced Learning with the services we provide – a flavour of which is outlined in the newsletter below.

To navigate through the contents, you need to open up the Google Doc for the hyperlinks to work. Otherwise, you can just scroll down the page.

As always, you can stay up to date with us by visiting our website: https://elearningyork.wordpress.com/ or following us on Twitter: @UoY_Yorkshare.

In this edition:

Preparing 2016-17 Yorkshare VLE module sites

Replay Update – EchoCenter links change and migration to Replay Panopto

Replay Downtime Sat 13 Aug 6pm-9pm

VLE Induction Support

New Case Study: Supporting Student Development with Public Blogging

New Case Study: Flipped Classroom Mastery Model for Computer Programming

York Technology for the York Pedagogy Briefings

Upcoming Training and Lunchtime Webinars

Preparing 2016-17 Yorkshare VLE module sites

Module sites for 2016-17 are available on Yorkshare for you to update. Please remember to preserve your 2015-16 sites as they will still be available to students. Watch our quick-fix video which shows how you can get your new module site ready for the start of term. We also have three-step guide to making sure your module site is ready.

Replay Update – EchoCenter links replaced with Replay Content links and migration to Replay Panopto

As previously circulated, links to EchoCenters and URLs beginning replay.york.ac.uk will no longer work. Students can access captures using the ‘Replay Content’ link available within Yorkshare VLE module sites. Colleagues are encouraged to remove EchoCenter links when preparing 2016-17 module sites. Users attempting to access EchoCenters will be bounced to this web page that explains the move:


We successfully extracted all the capture files from our old system and are making good progress migrating last year’s lecture captures onto the new platform. Captures that have multiple screens will take longer, so we are getting the main screen migrated first and will add the second screen later.

This week and next week we will also be relinking where captures have been directly linked in parts of VLE sites, where we are aware of them. Further information on creating these links yourself is available in the relinking guide [Google Doc].

If you do have any urgent migration requests or need any assistance, please do let us know at vle-support@york.ac.uk.

Briefing sessions on the new Replay Panopto system are available. See below.

Replay Downtime Sat 13 Aug 6pm-9pm

The Replay lecture capture system will be offline Saturday 13 August 6pm-9pm for database maintenance by our hosting provider.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

VLE Induction Support

As we approach the start of the new academic year – a period of change and many new faces across the University – it is poignant for us raise the range of induction support services that we offer to staff.

Sessions that we can run include:

  • VLE Induction – Getting Started with Yorkshare and Baseline Approaches

This can be tailored to an academic or support staff context, specific to your use of the VLE in your role – ideal for those who are new to using Yorkshare or who may need a refresher on certain tools and functionality. Section 1 of the York TEL Handbook also covers recommended good practice for baseline use of Yorkshare. As well as 1:1 consultations at the modular level, we can tailor this session to programme teams for a more holistic overview.

  • VLE Induction – Yorkshare Administration

Yorkshare Administration training is for departmental administrators who need to create and manage Yorkshare module sites and content system privileges.

You can view a more comprehensive list of the professional development opportunities that we offer on our E-Learning Blog. See also our upcoming Creating Accessible Learning Resources Webinar.

To request a session for either yourself or to make a booking for your department, please contact us at the earliest possible convenience at: vle-support@york.ac.uk

New Case Study: Supporting Student Development with Public Blogging

Emily Bowles of the English and Related Literature Department introduced blogging for her seminar groups undertaking ‘Global Literatures’, a first year core module that all English students are required to undertake as a part of the department’s BA English. The main aim of asking students to post in a public WordPress site was to begin embedding social media and blogging skills into the degree and to provide them with hands on ‘real-world’ experience of blogging.  Emily wanted to illustrate to students how useful blogging can be in terms of their own self-development but also what the practical affordances of blogging are.

You can read the full case study on our E-Learning Blog.

New Case Study: Flipped Classroom Mastery Model for Computer Programming

Louis Rose, Department of Computer Science, used online video lectures to deliver core content of a third-year programming module in order to free up face-to-face contact time for problem-solving and small group teaching. Using a master model, which encourages students to work through the content at their own pace towards a defined end-goal, students progressed their learning through continual application of new knowledge in specific tasks. Find out about the module structure and the learning design in the full case study online.

York Technology for the York Pedagogy Briefings (June – September)

Through June and July, the E-Learning Development Team has showcased how departments have utilised supported learning technologies, aligned to York Pedagogy principles of structured student work and staff-student contact to enhance and propel student learning.

Seven short case studies have been presented from across the faculties, with opportunities provided for questions and discussion on the transferability of the case studies to teaching practice. Annotated slides from the session are available [PDF].

During the summer vacation, we will be running additional online sessions. Please do register online.

  • Wednesday 24th August: 12:30 (Online Webinar)
  • Thursday 15th September 12:30 (Online Webinar)

As always, you can access the York Technology-Enhanced  Learning  Handbook or contact vle-support@york.ac.uk with any questions, feedback and suggestions.

Training and Lunchtime Webinars

Replay Staff Briefings

These briefing sessions explain the new Replay Panopto platform, microphones, new in-room pause controls, accessing captures and editing. P/L/001 and P/L/002 are equipped with Replay+ Camera Capture, which is an optional tracking video camera to capture board work. Register to attend Replay briefings.

  • Replay and Replay+ Camera Capture – P/L/001 – 2pm, 22 Sept
  • Replay – LMB/002X – 1.30pm, 28 Sept
  • Replay – D/056 – 10am, 29 Sept

As an alternative, we are also running online webinars to show how captures can be edited with the new system and the additional controls such as sharing to individual students, timed release and making captures unavailable by default. Register for Replay editing webinars.

  • Editing Webinar – Online – 12.30pm, Fri 23 Sept
  • Editing Webinar – Online – 12.30pm, Wed 5 Oct

Accessibility: Creating accessible learning resources

This webinar covers the common barriers that disabled students face when accessing online learning resources and activities. Ensuring disabled students have equal opportunity in learning and teaching activities is a responsibility of all teaching staff. We will show you how to create your Yorkshare VLE sites in an accessible way to enable all students to engage with the learning materials and tasks. Register for Accessibility webinar.

  • Accessibility Webinar – Online – 12.30pm, 22 Sept

As always, we welcome any feedback and suggestions on how we can support e-learning and use of the VLE and other technologies within your departments. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at vle-support@york.ac.uk.

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