Changes to Replay lecture capture links

Replay Content link on left menu in Yorkshare VLE sites

As previously advertised, links to Replay lecture captures are changing on 31 July 2016 as we move to a new platform called Panopto. Find out more about our move to Panopto.

Key points

  • Captures will now be accessed via ‘Replay Content‘ links on the left menu of Yorkshare VLE sites.
  • Embedded and content item links to captures will need to be updated with a new link.
  • Links to EchoCenters will cease to work.
  • Links to will cease to work.

Both staff and students can access recordings via the Yorkshare VLE site for the module. If you are not using Yorkshare, you can access captures at logging in with your University of York username and password.

Student guides

We are currently in the process of migrating captures from 2015-16 to the new system and have prioritised modules where requested. Please contact with any queries.

Additional technical guides will be available in September to complement the lecture capture study guides. Follow @uoy_yorkshare for updates.

Staff guides

As EchoCenter links will cease to work, you can hide/delete these from the left menu of your VLE module site. The E-Learning Development Team are changing links to individual captures in Yorkshare VLE sites where we are aware that captures have been embedded as part of a content item. However, we cannot change the links held on other websites. Please see How to Re-Link Content [Google Doc|UoY Users Only].

If you have previously used Echo360 Personal Capture, you will now need to use the Panopto Recorder for making recordings at your desk.

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