E-Learning Newsletter – July 2016 Edition

E-Learning Newsletter – July 2016 Edition

The past month has seen the team move full-steam ahead on a number of important operational issues. We’ve been tackling the annual VLE Rollover, making final preparations for VLE Upgrade, and embarking on the task of migrating Replay Captures to the new system ahead of the next academic year.

Of course, we have been and will continue to be active in running workshops and championing Technology-Enhanced Learning with the services we provide – a flavour of which is outlined in the newsletter below.

To navigate through the contents, you need to open up the Google Doc for the hyperlinks to work. Otherwise, you can just scroll through the post.

As always, you can stay up to date with us following us on Twitter: @UoY_Yorkshare.

In this edition:

Final Notice of Impending VLE Summer Upgrade

VLE Module Site Rollover 2016

Replay Upgrade and Echo Lockdown

Updated Web Guidance for Anonymous E-Assignment For Summative Work

Blog Post: Reporting back from UCISA Spotlight on Digital Capabilities.

York Technology for the York Pedagogy Briefings

Upcoming Training and Lunchtime Webinars

Final Notice of Impending VLE Summer Upgrade

The final planning and testing processes for our summer upgrade of the VLE are nearing completion.  Please note that we are planning to carry out the upgrade over a two-day period, Tuesday 12th July and Wednesday 13th July inclusive, during which time the VLE will be unavailable to all users.

If you are aware of any teaching and learning activities running during this period please contact the E-Learning Development Team at vle-­support@york.ac.uk and we will endeavour to find a solution for you.

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VLE Module Site Rollover 2016

We have now completed the first part of the 2016 VLE Module Site Rollover (for those departments that use it).

All selected Y2015 module sites and their content have been copied into new Y2016 module sites and will be visible in your module lists. The new 2016/17 sites have the ‘2016/17: ‘ prefix added to the module site names such that they are clearly identifiable as new modules, Y2015 module site names are unchanged and will have no year prefix. Please take some time to check the set of modules, content and instructor enrolments to ensure that they are as you would expect. If you do find any issues please contact vle-support@york.ac.uk.

The next change to module site names will occur in the first week of September when we will perform the course archive. In this phase Y2015 modules will have the ‘ZArchive 15/16: ‘ prefix applied to them and the new 2016/17 modules will have their prefix removed such that they are the current modules for 2016/17.

If the module list on your Home tab is overflowed with too many modules, you can add the York Module List which will allow you to filter and view all the module sites you are enrolled upon. Guide on how to add the ‘York Module List’ box to your Home tab

Please ensure that you pass on this information to other VLE users in your department.

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New Replay system and changes to capture links

We will be migrating to a new system for the Replay Lecture Capture service for the 2016-17 academic year, following a successful pilot this summer term. The new platform, called Panopto, brings higher quality captures, search tools and a cleaner interface for both staff and students. Our move to Panopto is a result of our tender exercise for an institutional licence, allowing us to support more rooms to match demand from departments and enable creative use of media for learning activities. From Autumn 2016 we will be supporting 66 rooms for Timetabled Lecture Capture, with both P/L/001 and P/L/002 equipped for optional use of Replay+ Camera Capture for board work.

From the 31 July 2016 EchoCenters and links to replay.york.ac.uk will cease to work. As part of the migration, access to the current Echo360 Replay system at replay.york.ac.uk is currently in ‘read-only’ mode and staff will not be able to log in to edit or upload captures.

If you have previously used Echo360 Personal Capture, you will now need to use Panopto personal recording software which offers the same functionality and higher quality captures. Full details available on the Replay website.

We are migrating all personal captures and timetabled lecture captures from the 2015-16 academic year to the new Panopto system. A new link ‘Replay Content’, will appear on VLE sites during August with access to the new system. Further details are available:

If you have any questions relating to this, please do not hesitate to contact the E-Learning Development Team at vle-­support@york.ac.uk.

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Updated Web Guidance for Anonymous E-Assignment For Summative Work

On our E-Learning Website, we have updated the ‘Key Area’ which covers information and guidance for the University’s Anonymised Assignment Tool.

You can access the updated guidance by clicking on the following link.

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Blog Post: Reporting back from UCISA Spotlight on Digital Capabilities

In June, Matt Cornock attended the UCISA Spotlight on Digital Capabilities conference. The conference brought together academic developers, learning technologists, IT trainers and information literacy specialists together to explore approaches to developing staff digital capabilities.

In a recent blog post, Matt reflected on the JISC Digital Capabilities framework and how it applies to learning and teaching:

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York Technology for the York Pedagogy Briefings (June – September)

On Tuesday 28th June, the E-Learning Development Team delivered a session in Campus West exploring how departments have utilised supported learning technologies, aligned to York Pedagogy principles of structured student work and staff-student contact to enhance and propel student learning.

Seven short case studies were presented from across the faculties, with an opportunity provided for questions and discussion on the transfer-ability of the case studies to teaching practice. Annotated slides from the session are available [PDF].

During the summer vacation, we will be running additional online sessions. Please do register online.

  • Monday 25th July 12:30pm (Online Webinar)
  • Wednesday 24th August: 12:30 (Online Webinar)
  • Thursday 15th September 12:30 (Online Webinar)

As always, you can access the York Technology-Enhanced  Learning  Handbook or contact vle-support@york.ac.uk with any questions, feedback and suggestions.
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Training and Lunchtime Webinars

Recap: Facilitating Active Learning Webinar

On Wednesday 6th July 12.30-1:30, Glenn Hurst from the Department of Chemistry was our special guest for this webinar, following on from his Forum workshop on 22 June of the same name. Glenn shared examples of how he has used podcasts, electronic voting systems and student produced videos to facilitate active learning.

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As always, we welcome any feedback and suggestions on how we can support e-learning and use of the VLE and other technologies within your departments. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at vle-support@york.ac.uk.

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