E-Learning at York


E-Learning at York (780K PDF)

We’ve updated our E-Learning At York ‘brochure’ to include all important updates and information relating to complementing your teaching and learning practices with the support of technology. Click on the image to the left to download a PDF of the brochure.

If you are new to teaching here at the University of York the brochure provides a useful starting point for finding out what technologies are available to you, and how you are supported in their use, as well as who to contact with any learning and teaching related technology queries you might have.

If you have been teaching at the University for a while, you may be interested to find about some of the new technologies that we now support including an ‘in-lecture’ polling platform that allows students to respond to your questions using their own devices (with ‘live’ feedback), enhanced lecture capture provision and advanced web-conferencing tools.

We’ve also produced a Prezi and video version version of the brochure to help better show you some of the technologies that the brochure highlights. You can launch the Prezi by clicking this link.  Click the icon at the bottom right corner of the Prezi player to make it full-screen (and thus get the best viewing experience).

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