Show and Tell, Thurs 19 May – In-class polling with ResponseWare

Our summer term Show and Tell focuses on our pilot of TurningPoint polling software and the accompanying ResponseWare app. This software allows staff to embed polling questions into PowerPoint presentations to enable students to respond in real time using any device. Some of the benefits of using Classroom Response Systems include:

  • Increasing student motivation and engagement in class.
  • Providing an opportunity for learners to self-assess and compare their performance to their peers.
  • Encouraging interaction.
  • Allowing staff to collect regular feedback from students and adjust their practice in response to this.

Joe Fagan from the Department of Education will be sharing his experiences of using TurningPoint and ResponseWare and has helpfully put together a booklet that he shared with colleagues in Education as part of a Teaching and Learning session. This booklet focuses on the teaching and learning benefits and some recommended procedures for using TurningPoint, as well as looking at the existing literature on classroom response systems.

Emma Rand from the Department of Biology will also be sharing her experiences of using ResponseWare during large lectures in Central Hall.

If you’d like to find out more about the pilot and try out the software, please contact so we can set you up on our pilot licence.

There will be an opportunity to participate in a demonstration of the software and we will also update you about future plans for TurningPoint at the university.

The Show and Tell event takes place on Thursday 19 May in LFA/204 & 205 (Harry Fairhurst Building). Lunch will be provided from 12.00pm with speakers starting shortly afterwards. Sign up by clicking the link below.

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