Replay+ Camera Pilot – Summer Term 2016

Camera capturing a screen

Thanks to a successful bid to the Learning and Teaching Rapid Response Fund by the Department of Physics, we will be piloting camera-based lecture capture for recording board work in P/L/001 next term. This is the first time we have explored automated camera capture, so we will be testing the system from technical and user perspectives throughout the pilot, but will need your help: Find out different ways you can support the pilot.

Why explore camera capture?

A number of Replay rooms have visualisers (digital OHPs) available so that you can record hand-written lecture content (see the Replay Room List). However, we have also had requests from students and staff to explore chalkboard or whiteboard capture. In the mathematical sciences, board work is a key part of the lecture experience, which allows staged and structured delivery of mathematical content. As Pritchard (2010) suggested, the pace of delivery, ability to talk through each component of a derivation and ease of cross-referencing multiple formulae are key advantages to a handwritten approach to presenting lecture content. The standard Replay lecture capture service records projection screen content only, so whilst board-work can be written down in the lecture and the audio recording used to aid revision, students are without the opportunity to re-watch derivations unfold and check they have created notes correctly. In a pilot of student-created video recordings last year (York Forum article), students reported how the recordings contributed to their learning and understanding of the module. In particular, the recordings supported their preparation for problem classes and keeping up to speed with the lecture course on a weekly basis. However, creating recordings by hand is resource intensive and not scalable. Automated camera-based captures aim to bridge this gap.

Summer Term Replay+ pilot

For the Summer Term 2016, P/L/001 will be our pilot room equipped with Replay+ Camera Capture. The lecturer is very much in control of if/when the camera is used. During a lecture that has Replay lecture capture requested, the camera will be able to be turned on and off by the lecturer using a button on the lectern control panel. AV will be equipping the room with pressure mats under the boards which will automatically move and focus the camera on different chalkboards as the lecturer moves next to the boards. When not near the boards, the camera will capture a wide shot of the main teaching area.

We encourage lecturers teaching in P/L/001 during the Summer Term to volunteer to be part of the pilot, in one of two ways:

  • Capture using Replay+ Camera Capture and make available to students (helps us evaluate usefulness as a learning resource).
  • Permit capture using Replay+ Camera Capture for our internal testing only (not available to students; helps with technical testing).

If you have any questions or would like to take part in the pilot, please contact as soon as possible.

We will post an update on the pilot on the ELDT blog at the end of the Summer Term.


Pritchard, D. (2010). ‘Where learning starts? A framework for thinking about lectures in university mathematics’, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 41(5), 609-623.

Smalley, M. and Cornock, M. (2015). ‘Enhancement of lectures with video recordings. Physics pilot project‘, York Forum Magazine, 38, 15.

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