Lunchtime Webinar: Flipped classroom approaches

The third of our series of lunchtime webinars. This webinar will explore learning design for flipped classroom approaches, making the most of face-to-face teaching time and shifting the delivery of content outside the lecture room.

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The ‘flipped classroom’ or ‘flipped learning’ are recent buzzwords used to describe a certain form of blended learning where core content is delivered in advance of a taught session via technology. Whilst it can be argued that ‘pre-reading’ is a form of flipped learning, the classroom time traditionally has taken the form of a lecture which may not offer full opportunities for discussion, application, problem-solving and learning activity that a more interactive form of face-to-face session could provide. Recently, the use of pre-recorded lectures delivered by institutional platforms such as Replay, or posted/found on YouTube, shifts the ‘one-way’ delivery of content out of the classroom enabling students to engage with the content at their own time. This on its own is not likely to support learning, therefore with flipped classroom approaches the design of learning activities that enable students to understand through application, discussion or testing concepts presented in pre-recorded lectures becomes important.

Focusing on the design aspect of flipped/blended learning, this session will consider how the five phase implementation model outlined in section 4.2 of the York TEL Handbook to highlight good practice in terms of linking online delivery with face-to-face sessions, can be applied to flipped classroom approaches. We will draw upon recent case studies highlighted in the Forum magazine and from beyond the institution, showing lessons learnt from practice.

A session on the technical aspects of creating online lectures and other resources for flipped learning will run later in the year.

Case studies

ELDT case studies

Forum Magazine (no. 39)

References from the presentation

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