ALT-C 2015: Anonymous assessment, Agile development and EMA

The Association for Learning Technology has just finished its annual conference (aka ALT-C 2015) with the strap-line, “Shaping the Future of Learning Together”. I managed to attend the final day when I presented a paper on the development of the Anonymous e-assignment workflow within the “Participatory approaches to the development of learning technologies” theme.


I described how we have balanced the diverse assessment requirements of multiple academic requirements with common functionality that can be delivered centrally. We have worked to understand the elements of the workflow that should be left up to departments and what can be delivered as part of a centrally designed and supported system. Slide 7 makes an attempt to illustrate the requirement mapping that informed system development with the guiding principle of delivering the most needed requirements first.

The core principles of frequent consultation with users on development and releasing usable software “early” rather than holding off for the delivery of a complete system by which time requirements may have changed, was built upon by another presentation I attended from a team at Plymouth University. They discussed how they had combined the formal governance of Prince 2 with the flexibility of Agile project management methodologies for an ambitious Learning Environment renewal project.

ALT-C’s a great place to catch up with old faces and developments across the sector and I was interested to hear that the development of JISC’s EMA (Electronic Management of Assessment) toolkit is progressing and is scheduled for release in early October. As we update our own set of guidance for EMA I look forward to seeing which elements we can incorporate, particularly as we have both adopted a common EMA lifecycle to frame the guidance.

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